“Let Robo Machine Design help you to find a flexible automated solution that will make your operation more smooth & cost-effective”.

Industrial Automation

Robo Machine Design

Robo Machine Design is committed to designing and engineering industrial automated solutions. Our Engineers Design, program & configure automation systems. Including motion control, servo systems, robots & machine vision.

Special Purpose Machine Design

Robo Machine Design

We are specialists in designing and manufacturing of special-purpose machine design. Robo Machine Design develops special purpose machines and robots that are used to perform specific tasks in domestic, commercial and industrial scale.

Retrofit Old Machines & Robots

Robo Machine Design

Robo Machine Design do retrofit old machines and robots by the integration of a new servo system and controllers. With increased safety measures.

Robot/CNC/Microcontroller Programming

Robo Machine Design

Robo Machine Design offers Robot/CNC/Micro-controller Programming Service to any size of project large or small. From the smallest production part to large bespoke projects. We cover it all.

PLC & Servo System Parameterisation

Robo Machine Design

Robotic Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of a robot or a robotic system and Robo Machine Design has this skill we can set parameters of your PLC & Servo base systems.

Robot Integrator

Robo Machine Design

We do Robot Integrator For ensuring that your industrial robots perform the automated manufacturing processes with maximum efficiency, which will help you to achieve your production and cost target easily.

Structural / Construction Design

Robo Machine Design

We rethink structures to make them more responsive to evolving demands – whether for tall buildings or for distinctive designs such as one of the largest timber structures ever built.

Mechanical Design of Machine

Robo Machine Design

We design and build CAD/CAM/CAE modelling of manual, semi-auto and fully automatic systems. We have served agriculture, medical, civil contractors, earth-moving and food industries.

Earth-moving Attachments Design

Robo Machine Design

By building better buckets that have a lasting return for our customer’s investment, we would get more referrals through positive word of mouth and get our buckets onto many more excavators.

Engineering / Technical Drawings

Mechanical Drawing - Robo Machine Design

Our Engineering / Technical Drawings service help individuals and businesses take their ideas from initial design to final product through our expertise and cost saving methods.

Electrical Enclosure Design & Fabricate

Electrical Panel Design

We offers best custom enclosure fabrication and design services. Firstly we develop a working prototype using our CAD services secondly we start with your design and then fabricate the enclosure.

CNC, Robot and Automated Machinery Maintenance

Robo Machine Design

Whether it is repairing a failed auto-machine, robot a comprehensive maintenance servicing, or a productivity consultation we always available to serve our best to all of our clients.

Why Automate

Production Improvement

It help businesses to improve their production by implementing automation systems in their production lines also by converting their existing manual machines into automation one

Cost Saving

After converting your manual systems into automation you can easily improve your production level also it will help to reduce your process rework which happens due to human error

Precise Machining

You can easily achieve a highly precise machining result at your premises by converting your manual machines into CNC control automatic machines. Robo Machine Design can do it for you.

  • Specialize in the design and fabricate of custom robotic and Automation solutions for a variety of Industries.

  • Provide you the first-rate solutions.

  • Convert any industrial automation idea into prototype.

  • Before manufacturing Proper Analysis on CAD/CAM software.

  • Will be assisted by an engineer.

  • Training to run CNC after completing project.

  • Believe in that level of quality you deserve.

  • 8 hours /6 days service support.

Why Robo Machine Design?

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